Sunday, June 19, 2011

Piero Manzoni - Artist's Shit (Merda d'artista, 1961)

In 1961 an Italian artist named Piero Manzoni pooped in a tin can:

And then he sold it. 
He “produced” 90 of these cans, and labeled with stickers in different languages, stating:

Artist's Shit
Contents 30 gr net
Freshly preserved
Produced and tinned
in May 1961

Where is the art in this shit? We surely know where the shit is, but is this really art? In my opinion, the fact that a lot of people from high society and intellectual critic, since  1961, declare themselves disgusted  by this work, and keep to argue how bad and degrading this is, is enough to be considered an artistic work.
Wikipedia states  “A tin was sold for €124,000 at Sotheby's on May 23 2007; in October 2008 tin 083 was offered for sale at Sotheby's with an estimate of £50-70,000. It sold for £97,250”. People is paying that much for a can of shit? Maybe shit is not art, but having the ability to sell is surely an artistic skill.


  1. Amazing!
    Next time i take a shit i'll put it in a can and sell it on Ebay.

  2. this is so unbelievably absurd haha.
    maybe i should piss in a jar to provide myself a good retirement-pay. just sell it at the auctioneer in like 40 years and go home with 250.000$. No problem.

  3. Art is so subjective... Confounds the hell out of me. Great find!

  4. Great way to make money I say!

  5. its shocking but then not, it was a matter of time, cool find bro, followed!

  6. Pooping in a can and then selling it to people? Sounds pretty shitty to me.

  7. I got a good laugh out of this! XD What people come up with is just brillinat!

  8. Hi! I really like your blog, and I hope you will all come take a look at what I'm putting out on the internet myself :D!, Let's make the world a better place woowoo!

  9. Sadly, that's what things have become in this day of age, but that is rather ridiculous for such a small item, that's truly not worth more than a few dollars, if that...

  10. Found my new career. it's amazing what can pass for "art"

  11. What jim said :p, modern "art" isn't really art, it is its the sense of the word. But if anyone can do it, how can it be worth that much money. I guess its because he did it first!

  12. As long as you can explain it, it is art.
    Which is one of the reasons I got out of the art world.

  13. LOL in art class my teacher talked about this piece. It blows my mind to see there's people out that would pay big money for some old feces in a can

  14. wow thats art...i think I might do the same thing then...say I only ever ate water and fruits for a month and pooped in a can...sell it for thousands!!

  15. Never heard of this before, people are retarded.

  16. If people will buy it, sell it! Rofl

  17. I've never heard of this before. So these were labelled with other languages? I wonder what the translations were. Did they know they were buying shit in a can, or did that have a poor translation to something else?

    Either way, I wouldn't buy that shit.

  18. Sigh, the shit some people will pay for...

  19. i think ppl can call art when they think it is just that.
    art is a form of can be music, a painting or...shit ^^


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  25. It is art because it was a gesture that questioned the value of an artist's "production" during a time when the value of art as a commodity was skyrocketing, but the value of human lives was on the downturn (the Vietnam War).